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"Dear Mr. Paro and Friends,
This letter is in regards to your Ant Blocker™ food tray for pets, and I would like to share with you my experience in using your invention." First, I should remind you that I live in San Diego, California - home to at least 5 trillion little black ants. I have 2 dogs and numerous other pets and they all eat outside with the ants that join them each evening for dinner. I have purchased several other so called "ant blocking" food trays and needless to say not a single one worked. Not only did they not work, but my dogs actually laped up the water like they were their drinking bowls.
I had pretty much given up all hope of detracting the ants until I met you and was introduced to your invention....
Thank You Mr. Paro, the ants are no longer sharing any of my pet's meals and we no longer have ants scattering about on out backyard patio! I am certainly going to share this with all of my friends, family and even strangers I meet on the street if the opportunity arises.

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  I would like to take a moment to tell you about the Ant Blocker!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Tony and we have a small farm in Georgia. Food for animals is something that costs more and more all the time. The Ant Blocker is a product that just works! No batteries, nothing to mix, no harmful chemicals, and nothing else to buy.

Fire ants just can’t get past it to your pets food, EVER! The product pays for itself in just one week alone. And of even more value to me, it keeps your pet safe from bites and helps keep ants away from your pet’s area.
The Ant Blocker is made to last! I have had mine for three years and it still looks new. It has weathered many storms and cold temperatures as well.
This is a product that I would highly recommend.
Thank you Ant Blocker………….Tony
  I just wanted to thank AntBlocker for finally allowing me to go out on my back patio and not fight off ants. My basset hound would knock over his dog food bowl everyday because of the swarms of ants that would search and destroy his meal. I tried everything I knew but with no luck….Once I purchased the AntBlocker and gave my basset hound his first taste of dog food without ants, he now does not knock his bowl over. I’m so glad my boy can now eat in peace! Perfect height with a perfect outcome!! If you have Ants that are taking over your dog’s feeding area…..The AntBlocker will stop them pesky ants from coming back!


We wanted to write and tell you how well your AntBlocker product has worked for us. Not only does it keep the ants and other crawling creatures out of our dog's bowl, but it keeps his bowls off the ground, and he doesn't spill them over anymore! What a great invention - Thank You AntBlocker!
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