How the Ant Blocker™ came to be!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Necessity is the mother of invention"?

Dan Paro grew up in upstate NY where he never thought much about ants, then did 6 years in the military in Florida where ants were actually a problem, but being pet-less at the time, necessity issues never arose. Then Dan took a new job in Central GA, bought a house and got some pets; cats and dogs. That is when he noticed the real problem: ANTS!


Dan's Story

"I don't know how many fire ants are in GA but I am pretty sure that about 20 million of them live in my back yard .... I was getting so frustrated in tossing out bowls of ruined ant covered dog food , I was thinking things like 'What can I do to stop throwing out bowls of ruined ant covered dog food!'  This is where the necessity part plays the vital role.

I experimented with all the ways people try to solve this problem,  the classic pie tin with water in it, placing the food bowls in different places every day to fool the ants- all that really did was irritate Ling-Ling and Binky- didn't trick the ants a bit..they would look at me like I was an idiot.... For me , the big flaw in the pie tin method was the water part- which ironically, was the working part of the whole deal.  First, the dogs would usually drink it, second-  I bring the dog bowls inside on the kitchen counter to prepare dinner , then bring them back outside, bringing in dripping wet bowls made the wife mad and mad wives are even worse than Ant problems.

So I needed a way to utilize the water barrier aspect yet at the same time, keep the bottoms of the bowls dry - Luckily, I had a degree in engineering so I obsessively set out to design the perfect yet simple ant proof system which could solve this personal  ant crisis.I knew I needed the water, but not accessible to where the dogs could drink it- or obviously it wouldn't work, I needed dry bowls and I liked THESE BOWLS,  something  needs to allow me to use my same bowls. I had large dogs, so let's elevate this thing so they don't have to bend down so much to eat. I mentally designed a concept, went to Home Depot and Petsmart and got raw supplies, and started on the prototype, - cut some wood, drill some holes, use lots of glue, twist this , cuss that, fabricated some plastic, and presto-----The first antproof prototype.

I even covered it with a sheet until the wife got home to "unveil" my masterpiece to her. In my total excitement in anticipation upon her arrival, I rip the sheet off and stare into her face  'Well?', I say......... she is like-  'wow, get that off the kitchen table'.. not the 'WOW, you are brilliant' that I was looking for but that other 'wow', which means I hate your work schedule of being off every other day and get to goof off while I have to work every day !!!! , but that is just jealousy talking so I say 'No , really, it's an ant proof pet food tray- it will make life great'.

She has come home to see a full fledged beach in the backyard, complete with palm trees, white sand, tropical fruit trees, flowing waterfalls, and yes even a tiki bar and plastic pink flamingoes !!!! ( I missed my FL tour of was a tough i had to recreate the ambiance!) and our one year old grandson's old battery powered Jeep newly outfitted with a M-60 machine gun mounted on it...she says "What the...' I say 'Don't worry, he'll grow into it.' Sometimes I have too much free time.

Anyway,  I  set that baby out on that patio at dinner time and just as i had hoped- NO Ants, ever- It worked perfect - flawlessly, day after day, no ants, and the name- that just hit me like common sense- it blocks ants- hhhmmmm, I will call it the 'Antblocker'.

I had 2 dogs , so I began building the second antblocker when I started thinking that this new invention is bigger than just me and my patio. I know I am not the only person in America with this daily problem of ants in the dog food. And now here we are, offering you the patented 'Antblocker™ Pet Feeding System' which is proudly made in America and after 10 years of field testing, I can truly tell you that it absolutely works- my dogs are fat now- the only downside , but a true testament in itself that it works- no more wasted food- I swear by it and you need one. Sure I am biased, But it still works -  I guarantee it !!!!!!"

     -Dan Paro - Owner / Inventor -  4PalmsUSA, Inc