I'm using the Ant Blocker, but I still get ants in my pet's food?

The Ant Blocker is 100% effective in preventing ants from reaching your pet's food bowl when used in accordance with manufacturer's instruction. Check to see if you have placed the Ant Blocker too close to any trees, chairs, bushes, poles, against your pet's house or kennel or other items that ants can use to form a "bridge" to the top of the tray. Check the water level in the water reservoir (you must fill the reservoir before using, capacity is 8 cups). Also, check for any debris that might have found its way into the reservoir that ants can use to navigate across the moat.

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How often do I need to put water in the reservoir?

This will depend on the climate where you live. The initial filling should be 8 cups. The capacity for the reservoir is 8 cups. We recommend keeping it at least half full to be 100% effective (4 cups). You should check the water reservoir at least once a week, or more when the climate is very hot, as evaporation will occur.

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How do I clean the Ant Blocker?

The Ant Blocker is very durable and is dishwasher safe (fits most dishwashers). You can also clean the Ant Blocker with a mild solution of soap and water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly, so you pet does not accidentally ingest soap residue. For full instructions on placement, set-up, care, and cleaning you can click here.

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